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Submit for approval up to $150,000 with just this easy one page application, no tax returns or proof of income required!

  • Please enter a number from 2500 to 50000000.
    How much is the equipment you are purchasing? You can include delivery and installation costs as well.
  • Please include your full business name as filed with Secretary of State. If you’re a sole proprietor just use your DBA name.

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    What day did you start doing business? Use todays date if you are a new business.
  • This is a 9 digit number issued by the IRS. It is you social security number if your legal entity is a sole proprietor.

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  • We cannot process your application without your social security number.

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  • What dealer or vendor are you purchasing from? If you are purchasing from an individual, please put “Private Party” in this field.
  • Please tell us the equipment you are purchasing. including year, make and model if it is titled.
  • Who are you working with?
  • A good number to reach the vendor or dealer to request a quote of invoice.

    The undersigned represents that all information provided with this Application is true and correct and hereby authorizes AmeriCapital or its potential assigns to obtain from third parties information Lessor deems necessary to arrive at a credit decision regarding this Application. By checking the above box, the undersigned individual as principal of and/or guarantor for the applicant, authorizes AmeriCapital, its designee, assigns or potential assigns, to review his/her personal credit profile provided by national credit bureaus in considering this Application and for the update, renewal or extension of credit to the Applicant or the collection of any resultant accounts.