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Vendor Programs

Vendor Program

AmeriCapital partners with equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors to provide custom lease programs for a variety of industries. We have become the market leader in the equipment leasing industry today by frequently monitoring our rates, programs and services to assure our equipment vendors stay ahead of their competition. We are committed to providing our “Marketing Partners” with the highest customer approval ratio, same day credit decisions and prompt funding with superior service throughout the entire lease process. Some of the many programs we offer include:

A simple one page credit application for approval up to $100,000
Instant approvals on requests up to $10,000, 4 hours on larger amounts
Longer terms, up to 72 months on both new and used equipment
Soft costs can be included in the lease, sales tax, installation, etc
Your invoice paid upfront (upon approval), prior to equipment delivery
We approve startup businesses up to $35,000 without tax returns or financials
Flexible end-of-lease residuals: $1.00, 10%, FMV, TRAC and Operating Leases
Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA) for customers who prefer traditional financing
256-bit encryption on our entire website, so your customers information is secure
We handle all credit checks, contracts, UCC fees, FedEx charges and wire fees

We encourage you to contact your account manager directly with the name, phone number and and best time to contact your financing customer, this way we can work together to close our mutual sale.  We immediately contact your customer to get a credit application completed or you can refer the to our website to apply online.  Once approved, we go over the payments, terms and forward financing documents for signature.  We prefer to ask the tough questions regarding credit issues and underwriting so you don’t have to be involved freeing up your valuable time.  Give us a try on your next financing customer and discover why hundreds of vendors choose AmeriCapital as the first choice for equipment lease financing.

National Account Program

Vendor Financing: An Economic Driver

Offering quality products at competitive prices used to be enough to close a sale and build a business. But in today’s market, providing prospective customers with an easy way to acquire your solution may be the extra edge your sales team needs to win.

Offering financing can help your company accomplish four major objectives:

  • Drive top-line revenue growth
  • Protect margins and bottom-line profitability
  • Enhance cash-flow management
  • Control your customer base for future revenue streams

Here’s what you get when you team up with AmeriCapital:

  • An experienced management team committed to building long-term relationships
  • An entrepreneurial corporate culture with accessible decision makers
  • The financial strength and resources to drive sustained long-term growth
  • Efficient, low-cost service built upon system integration and technology

National Account Services

National Account Services is a component of AmeriCapital chartered to provide vendor finance programs for equipment manufacturers, software publishers and distributors generating $2 million-plus annually in lease volume. Our focus is on the “Small-Ticket” segment of lease financing, encompassing transactions ranging from $5,000 – $100,000. Whether your company is a manufacturer, reseller or distributor, the benefits of choosing AmeriCapital to finance your customers adds up to long term success:

  • Commitment to understanding your market nuances and developing a complementary financing program
  • Internet-based marketing, real-time application processing and credit approvals
  • Financial products and sales training customized to achieve your goals
  • Operational excellence from application processing to transaction servicing
  • Fast, reliable and consistent funding performance to help manage cash flow

National Account Services is founded on the belief that our success depends on meeting your needs today and helping you anticipate marketplace changes tomorrow. Our commitment is very simple: We will take the time to understand your business and deliver the financing solutions that make it easy for your customers to say “yes.”

National Account Services: Working for You

Whether you’re considering a financing program for the first time, or re-evaluating your present sources, building a relationship with AmeriCapital’s will deliver these quantifiable results:

  1. Increase Sales Revenue – Bundling software, installation, training, consulting and post-warranty maintenance into one lease payment makes it easier for the prospect to say “yes” to your solution and for your top-line revenue curve to start climbing.
  2. Protect Margins – Our convenient QuikCalc program helps your sales team sell monthly payments which can minimize cash discounting from your list price.
  3. Retain Customer Loyalty – While cash sales frequently end the customer relationship, lease financing maintains it; reselling current customers is up to 50% more cost effective than finding new customers.
  4. Shorten the Sales Cycle – Increase your close ratio by speaking to customers’ economic decision makers and addressing their financial issues.
  5. Secure a competitive edge or level the playing field – In today’s environment great products and service aren’t enough if the competition has raised the ante with convenient financing plans
  6. Improve your cash flow – Increasing the percentage of leased/financed business relative to cash can dramatically reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) since we fund immediately upon delivery and acceptance.

Working for Your Customers

Today’s customers are better informed than ever. They expect vendors to provide flexible, cost effective solutions and sound financial alternatives. AmeriCapital takes pride in structuring plans that work for all parties, both for the initial sale and future business.

  • Leveraged Purchasing Power: leasing enables companies to acquire bigger and better solutions than they could with cash.
  • Customized Financing: includes terms from 12 to 60 months with payment plans that match cash flow or budget requirements
  • Increased Working Capital: customers’ working capital and bank credit lines remain available for inventory, advertising, expansion and emergency.
  • 100% Financing: equipment, software, service contracts and training can be bundled into one plan with little initial outlay.
  • Convenience: the convenience of vendor financing with simple documentation enables companies to move quickly on purchasing decisions.
  • Hedge Against Inflation: fixed-rate pricing protects against inflation and allows customers to buy today’s equipment with tomorrow’s dollars.
  • Tax Benefits: certain lease plans allow monthly payments to be deducted as business expenses
  • Keep Pace with Technology: customers retain access to cutting-edge equipment as technology advances and their needs change

Paying for equipment as it performs makes good business sense. So does partnering with a financing source like AmeriCapital. A company that will treat your customers with the same professionalism you would expect of your own employees.

Your Business. Your Program.

AmeriCapital can create a custom program for any equipment vendor or software publisher – one that meets your sales finance needs and emulates your company’s marketing identity. Dependent upon your needs and annual volume AmeriCapital can provide any of the following:

  • Referral Program: doing business under the name AmeriCapital. For vendors who prefer an “arms-length” relationship and the confidence that comes with recommending the best professional source.
  • Co-Branding: presenting your name on marketing materials and documents, but disclosing AmeriCapital as the lessor in customer interaction and documents
  • Private Label with Notification: goes one step further than co-branding, your relationship with AmeriCapital remains invisible to your customer until the transaction is completed and assigned to us for billing and collecting.
  • Private Label Non-Notification: keeps AmeriCapital completely invisible to your customer from start to finish, including billing and collecting. Designed for vendors who want to out-source captive financing.

Program Support

Because one size never fits all, National Account Services offers several support levels:

  • Processing: for vendors who want AmeriCapital to process and service their lease business but don’t require help training their sales team or originating transactions
  • Sales: for vendors who, in addition to transaction processing, want our sales team to build relationships with their sales force and work together to originate and close transactions
  • Management: National Account Services believes program management is a critical driver in the success of any relationship and is committed to working closely with vendor management to maximize results for all parties.
New Business Program

Starting a new business can be tough.  It takes dedication, hard work and capital to succeed in this overly-competitive world and its imperative that you lead, not follow.  Having the best equipment can help your company stay ahead of the competition by reducing overhead costs, increasing production  and improving overall customer satisfaction.  The question is how do you acquire new equipment?  Banks, credit unions and most financial institutions won’t lend any money until you have at least two years time in business.  And even after your business is established they want 20-30% down, additional collateral and or a blanket lien on the your business.

AmeriCapital can help, without all the red tape and with as little down as 2 monthly payments.  Based upon your good credit history, we can approve your “Start-up”  business for equipment purchases up to $35,000 on just a simple one page credit application.  We can approve larger amounts with a complete financial package.  Either way you can apply online to get your businesss started today!